Prefixo: c! - Criado por:Evendora#0001


A very easy to use DISCORD MUSIC BOT.

Cara is a Discord Music Bot that focuses on the following aspects.
- To offer the community the highest possible quality music-experience.
Cara also offers a lot of exclusive, specific functions that differ her from other MusicBots.
- That includes an astounding, highest-quality music-experience from multiple sources.

Since Cara is accompanied by a highly excited team, she will also always remain on the most current status.

With an easy-to-use, and not overly complicated command-list, she promises an extraordinary experience for our users.
- To simplify it, she possesses of a very clear Command-Interface, and in addition does not cause any lags.
She also ensures a very extensive choice of sources to pick from.
- This includes: YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, as well as many others.